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How Much Technology Goes into Creating Tobacco-Free Nicotine (TFN)?

How Much Technology Goes into Creating Tobacco-Free Nicotine (TFN)?

How Much Technology Goes into Creating Tobacco-Free Nicotine (TFN)?

We talk at length about the ways in which modern technology have enhanced our ability to experience nicotine without the use of tobacco cigarettes, but these conversations usually revolve around the vaping devices, which have evolved at an impressive rate over the years. Tobacco-Free Nicotine (TFN) wouldn’t be possible without huge strides in technology made over the last number of years, and we’re going to take a closer look at that technology today.

What is TFN?

Up until now, the only way to infuse nicotine into an e-liquid was to extract the nicotine compound from the tobacco plant. Ideally, a nicotine concentrate derived from tobacco contains pure nicotine without any trace levels of other compounds in the plant material. But the process of extracting the nicotine compound is quite difficult, and it’s common for an extract to contain other tobacco compounds that disrupt its purity level.

Tobacco-free nicotine is a synthetic alternative that was developed using advanced molecular technology. Synthetic nicotine, by definition, does not come from organic material, rather they’re chemicals produced in a laboratory. What is fascinating about synthetic nicotine is on the molecular level. It behaves exactly like organic nicotine when inhaled. It provides the same effects of traditional nicotine and has been found over and over again to satisfy nicotine cravings just as effectively as traditional nicotine.

Also, tobacco-free nicotine is completely flavorless, odorless, and colorless. This also the goal of traditional nicotine, but it often falls short due to the difficulty of isolating the specific nicotine compound from the other compounds in the plant.

How is TFN Made?

Making TFN is not simply a matter of throwing a few ingredients into a mixing vessel and voila. It relies on extremely advanced technology and scientific knowledge. Various chemicals are used to produce a compound that mimics nicotine perfectly, including sulfuric acid and niacin. All of the ingredients used to produce TFN come from FDA-approved suppliers, to ensure maximum safety.

What Role Does Technology Have in Creating TFN?

Basically, Tobacco-Free Nicotine would not be possible if it weren’t for modern technology. To craft a synthetic product that is molecularly identical to a compound that occurs in nature simply cannot be done without the help of advanced tools and processes. It requires the ability to carefully isolate individual compounds and molecules, intensely studying each one for production and comparison to traditional nicotine. The testing process also requires the same level of technology. TFN must be analyzed for its chemical composition and purity levels.

Ultimately, Tobacco-Free Nicotine is yet another example of how technology is used to improve our vaping experience. We’ve watched vaping go from a niche market to a mainstream success story, and we have technology to thank. In an effort to make vaping safe and effective, scientists have continuously developed new advancements that improve the ability vaping has to meet our needs and lowers the desire to go back to tobacco.

TFN is still a new addition to the vaping market, but we anticipate that it will continue to grow in popularity in the years to come. And, as a result, we will likely see TFN evolve as more technology emerges that streamlines and improves the processes.

Tobacco-Free Nicotine is a Surprising Addition to Vaping’s Modern Landscape

TFN is offering a completely synthetic alternative that has the advantage of being 100% pure, flavorless, colorless, and odorless¾while still providing the exact same chemical response in the body. As the vaping industry continues to evolve, we anticipate that this new technology will grow in popularity, while allowing vapers to experience desirable doses of nicotine without consuming any aspect of the actual tobacco plant. 

Sep 7th 2021

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