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Should You Add Flavoring to a Tobacco-Free Nicotine Liquid?

Should You Add Flavoring to a Tobacco-Free Nicotine Liquid?

Tobacco-Free Nicotine (TFN) is becoming increasingly popular in the vaping industry. Because it’s still so new, a lot of people are still hesitant to try it. Being synthetically derived nicotine, some vapers may be worried that they’ll need to completely reorganize their entire vaping hobby to accommodate this unique type of product.

In reality, switching to Tobacco-Free Nicotine won’t change your vaping routine too much. TFN acts identically to tobacco-derived nicotine, which means that the basics of your routine, such as the device you use, your dedication to either freebase or salt-based nicotine, and the potency of nicotine at which you vape will not be affected.

The Relationship Between TFN and Flavor

Tobacco-Free Nicotine does have an impact on flavor. What makes TFN unique is its purity. It’s 100% pure, unlike traditional, tobacco-derived nicotine. Isolating and extracting the nicotine alkaloid is a lot more difficult than many people realize, and it inevitably leaves impurities in the end product. This ultimately has an impact on the flavor and aroma of some e-juices.

Because TFN maintains a 100% purity level, it does not contain trace amounts of flavor or aroma molecules, thus allowing it to blend with flavoring ingredients without impacting the end flavor.

Adding Flavor to a DIY E-Liquid Made with TFN

First, let’s talk about adding flavoring to a DIY e-liquid base that contains Tobacco-Free Nicotine. If you are a DIY vaper, then you may feel hesitant about switching to TFN. Good news is that TFN and Tobacco-Based Nicotine (TBN) are used interchangeably in e-juice formulas, meaning that no adjustments to your quantities or proportions are necessary.

That being said, you can add flavoring to a TFN, DIY e-juice just like you would a more traditional vape juice. The flavoring ingredients are added in the same amounts and are blended using the same methods.

Adding Flavor to an Existing, Pre-Made TFN Vape Juice from the Manufacturer

Some vapers like to take an existing e-liquid flavor and customize it using additional flavoring extracts. This makes the flavor stronger, more complex, or just better suited to the user’s unique palate. As mentioned earlier, because of the interchangeable nature of the two types of nicotine, there is no reason why you can’t add a flavoring ingredient to a pre-made TFN vape juice.

So, Feel Free to Add Flavoring

Tobacco-Free Nicotine is a unique alternative to traditional nicotine, and it will not change the way you vape. You can add flavoring to a TFN vape juice without worrying about having to adjust the proportions. Whether you’re a DIY vaper or someone who likes to customize pre-made e-juices, adding flavoring is just as easy as it always has been.

Sep 28th 2021

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