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Tobacco-Free Nicotine E-Liquid Options: Bottled or Pre-Filled?

Tobacco-Free Nicotine E-Liquid Options: Bottled or Pre-Filled?

As Tobacco-Free Nicotine (TFN) becomes increasingly accessible on the vaping market, we are seeing it added to various e-liquid products, including freebase and salt-based nic formulas. If you are interested in checking out this new way to experience nicotine, you’ll need to decide on is which form you wish for your TFN vape juice to come in.

We’ll be comparing bottled e-liquids, pre-filled cartridges, and disposable devices made with TFN. From there, we can then discuss whether or not these various forms of vape juice make a difference on how much your TFN satisfies your cravings, along with helping you decide which vaping style is best for you.

How Can TFN Change Your Vaping Routine?

Tobacco-Free Nicotine is a synthetically produced alternative to nicotine that is extracted from the tobacco plant. TFN is made to perfectly mimic the organic nicotine compound, thus offering the same level of satisfaction when inhaled into the lungs. The difference is that while tobacco-derived nicotine always contains inevitable impurities, TFN is completely pure, which allows your body to avoid other tobacco compounds while being completely odorless and flavorless, thus “playing nice” with the flavoring ingredients in the e-juice.

Because TFN beautifully mimics traditional nicotine, it really won’t have that much of an impact on your vaping routine¾and that’s a good thing. Vapers who switch to TFN do not really report any changes to how they experience their e-liquids.

Bottled TFN E-Liquids

These are bottled vape juices that are manually poured into a tank or cartridge. They tend to cost less than pre-filled hardware¾so going with a bottled TFN e-juice may save you money over time. But they are only compatible with refillable pods and tanks, and you must carefully choose the type of nicotine (whether it’s freebase or salt-based) that is compatible with your unique vape setup.

Bottled TFN e-liquids come in many flavors, and a lot of top-rated vaping brands are either switching to TFN or offering TFN versions of their most popular flavors. So, if you already use bottled e-liquid, switching to one made with TFN won’t have any big effect on your vaping hobby.

Pre-Filled TFN Vape Cartridges

Vape cartridges that’re pre-filled with e-liquid, that are made to be compatible with specific pod devices are another option. But these may be more limited as TFN is already somewhat rare compared to its tobacco-derived counterpart. However, you can find more and more pre-filled pod carts that do contain TFN nowadays. They are made with salt-based nicotine, and they can only be used with the device with which they were designed to be compatible.

Disposable Devices Made with TFN Vape Juice

We are finding that there are more and more disposable devices on the market that contain TFN e-liquid. It is not too surprising considering the fact that TFN and disposable devices have been two growing trends of the past year. Naturally, companies will put the two together to suit changing tastes within the vaping market. Disposables are a good option if you are looking for something user-friendly, as they require no maintenance. The TFN e-juice is pre-filled into the cartridge and does not need to be refilled. Disposables come in different flavors, and some allow you to explore different nicotine strengths as well. Like pre-filled carts, disposable devices use salt-based nicotine.

Which is the Better Way to Go?

If you are thinking about switching to tobacco-free nicotine, you can do so without changing the form in which you buy your e-liquid. TFN vape juices do not require a special type of vaping system and are used interchangeably with their tobacco-derived nicotine counterparts. For instance, if you are already rocking a sub-ohm vape setup, you can buy the same bottled e-liquids you were once buying, with the only difference being the type of nicotine in the formula.

Whichever Form You Choose, It’s All About Quality TFN

Whether you go with bottled e-juice, pre-filled carts, or disposable devices, you can experience the unique properties of tobacco-free nicotine, knowing that you’re giving your body a formula that contains zero tobacco-derived ingredients.

Sep 28th 2021

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