What are Puff Points and how do I earn some NOW?

Puff Points are rewards point for just buying things from Puffecig.com, following our social handles, referring friends, and more! 


How do I Sign Up?

Look at the bottom right corner of our homepage, it is an icon that says rewards. We reward through smile! 


Now what?

Click it! You know you want too! It will ask you to make an account or sign in if you have an account with Puffecig.com already. Now lets get to earning!  


How do I earn Puff Points?

Earn 2 Puff Points for every $1 you spend (we just doubled our rewards for our customers!) But make sure you are logged through the rewards icon in to start collecting! 


Can I earn points in some other ways?

Absolutely! There are a few ways to earn points through our reward system. Click ways to earn on the rewards icon. This will take you to the following options.

  • Just sign up! You know you want too! And then rack up 100 Points! 
  • Follow us on Instagram and get 100 Puff Points! 
  • Spend money and Earn 2 Puff Points per dollar
  • Wear your birthday suit! Just kidding! We will give you 200 points for celebrating your birthday! 


Okay I've earned points now what?

It is time to redeem them! On the rewards icon it will say WAYS TO REDEEM. If you've been collecting Puff Points you will have some great options! 

  • 500 Puff Points - $10 Off or Store Credit
  • 1000 Puff Points - $20 Off or Store Credit
  • 2000 Puff Points - $50 Off or Store Credit
  • 2500 Puff Points - 20% Off


Do my Points Expire?

All good things do have to come to an end, but it takes a year for that! Puff Points expire one year after redemption so make sure you use them up! We will email you 30 days prior to let you know. Then we will send you an email 3 days prior for your last chance! 


What if I refer a friend?

Refer a friend and redeem 20% off in your reward when they place an order!  The refer a friend rewards can not be used on items that are on sale or stacked with any other discounts or coupons. 


Can rewards be used with discounts?

Rewards cannot be stacked with discounts so make sure to use them at the right time!